How the Current Moves Us

I went to bed last night after watching this exclusive on the events in Charlottesville thinking about the passive racism in areas like where I grew up. No one wants to believe they’d be swept up in a tide of hatred and violence, but what if you’re gradually moved, one inch, one speech, one tweet atContinue reading “How the Current Moves Us”

Okay Google

It’s so easy to find out stuff. It used to be that if you needed to find out when to prune a grapevine so it might produce some fruit, you’d go to the local library, and maybe they’d have a book or maybe not, and you’d request an inter-library loan so the book could come,Continue reading “Okay Google”

Occupy Tea Wall Party Street and Why I Dislike This Conversation

This afternoon I posted a link to Dave Ramsey’s “Dear Occupy Wall Street” blog, which raised some discussion on Facebook.  I am a fan of Dave Ramsey’s no-nonsense, pull yourself up from the bootstraps approach to personal finances, and I like his spitfire and sarcasm.  He is straightforward and pulls no punches.  He also holdsContinue reading “Occupy Tea Wall Party Street and Why I Dislike This Conversation”