Advent Day 11: Fashion Forward

LinkedIn offers you the option to endorse people’s skills. For instance, people can say “Sarah M. Wells knows about editing” or “Sarah M. Wells knows about proofreading.” When this happens, a little tally mark gets added to my junk drawer of sources of self-worth. Ooh, I think, someone thinks I’m good at this! Not once hasContinue reading “Advent Day 11: Fashion Forward”

2013 Resolutions: Walk Instead of Run

First of all, Mom’s surgery was successful and she’s beginning to recover.  I’m so grateful she’s okay and appreciative of the prayers for her.  I had a hard time fighting back the “what if’s” that come along with a parent getting sick or going for a major surgery.  It was such a relief to hearContinue reading “2013 Resolutions: Walk Instead of Run”