Advent Day 24: Empty Tree Syndrome

I fought the impulse to keep buying things for our kids this year. They have so many toys and so many family members who love them and want to buy them gifts, too, but at the same time, we don’t want to seem like the Grinchiest parents on the block. Last night as I wrappedContinue reading “Advent Day 24: Empty Tree Syndrome”

Advent Day 22 and 23: Seasonal Weed and Feed

Even though there are plenty of ways we abuse the Christmas holiday with Black Friday and doorbuster sales and buy one get one and layaway and credit card debt, I can’t imagine ever abandoning the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas. Last Christmas, I had something akin to superhuman energy and assembled a dozen orContinue reading “Advent Day 22 and 23: Seasonal Weed and Feed”