End of the Residency 2012

I put Henry to sleep tonight at 6 p.m.  I have a feeling I will pay for this at 6 a.m. tomorrow, or earlier, but he was just SO tired.  He fell asleep while eating. And Henry loves to eat, so it’s something for which he usually tries to stay awake.  I thought he’d get up again so I didn’t take him out of his cute little 18 month jeans, but he’s been sound asleep now for three hours – I think he’s done for the night. 

I’m edging in on Hank and his need for sleep.  It’s been a great two weeks (I’m pretty sure I type that same sentence in this blog every year around this time), but man, I’m beat.  Too much work, a sinus infection, too many drinks (cough cough), not enough sleep, lots of fun and laughing, oh, and craft seminars and readings with visiting writers and faculty.  Those too.

I am very excited to get back into normal life.  Today was a little bit like detox, and I expect tomorrow might be, too.  We grocery shopped and watched a movie and cooked dinner.  Baths and bed.  And now, wine and cherries and blogging.  Sounds like just the right kind of remedy to two weeks of being on the clock 24-7.

Here’s me getting myself some Hank the Tank lovin’ this afternoon–

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