Today, I Wrote a Blog

This has been one really productive week at work.  I left today with lots of check marks on my to-do list.  I love lists – especially when I get to cross stuff off of ’em.

By this time each night, though, I am just plain shot.  I’ve been staring at this blog post for about thirty minutes and you can see how far I’ve gotten.

Henry has been waking up around midnight every night for about an hour and a half, for about the last week, and I end up staring at those blinking lights on his monitor until he finally goes back to sleep, and then I think that I hear him crying when he isn’t.  Wee!  He finally slept through again last night, so maybe we’re back on track.

On the food front, we wanted to go to a basketball game last night and I need to grocery shop this weekend, which means there’s mmm, eggs, cabbage, ground beef, and spinach.  Yeah.  We’re five days away from the end of the Whole 30 plan, but we decided to break the rules and order pizza.  I thought it might taste good, but even getting the good pizza that we like so much didn’t matter.  All of that cheese and grease and bread… blah.  Not good.  On the plus side, we now know that the habits and tastes we’ve adopted the last three weeks are going to stick.  What isn’t sticking is weight 🙂 

Okay, I give up.  This is a lame, lame, lame excuse for a blog entry.  And now, Biggest Loser. 

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