The Weekend

The kiddos are off to Granny and Pop’s house, Brandon is at practice, and it’s just me and my bowl of cereal for dinner. Isn’t it great to be able to eat cereal for dinner?

Today was my husband’s cousin’s baby shower. It was so much fun to see all of the cute little baby things– it made me very excited for little Henry to arrive. So many special moments I remember treasuring with Lydia and Elvis. I remember Lydia and I falling asleep together one of the first nights in the hospital, waking up to this tiny little person sound asleep with me. Baby bath time, too, and breastfeeding, and all of the sweet steps they take as they grow. It’s such a precious time, and it goes so quickly.

I had a really nice weekend with my kids. It’s rare to have a nearly agenda-less weekend, and both Friday night and all day Saturday were wide open. I never expected to look forward to a day of just cleaning and grocery shopping, but that’s all we did, really. I’m grateful for days of rest.

The more I sit here, the less I have to say 🙂 SO, enough for tonight. Go and rest.

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