I notice it more and more as I get older, how important making stuff is to me. – Paula Scher, #Abstract I’ve been watching the Netflix series Abstract on and off, generally when no one else is around. Every time I watch an episode I remember again how much I love to create, how much … More Creation


Earth Day lands in April, and in honor of the great big planet that hosts us, Off the Page is posting lots of Earth-oriented articles this month, including mine – “Picking Rocks and the Cosmic Christ.” A few other earthy articles of mine have appeared various places the last few years. Here are excerpts from … More Earthiness

5 Ways to Stand for Women in Small Town America

It’s International Women’s Day, and I don’t own any red shirts. The closest I’m getting is a maroon button-down cowgirl shirt I wore to the George Strait retirement concert before he came out of retirement. I could stay home and strike, but my CEO already gets the message that women matter, that equal pay is important. … More 5 Ways to Stand for Women in Small Town America


I began reading The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Enns today, and in the midst of my own similar writing project on reading the Bible I feel as if I’ve found a kindred spirit. This comes early on in his narrative: “Sweating bullets to line up the Bible with our exhausting expectations, to make the Bible … More Abide

Facebook Stabbing

I picked up cross-stitch again after the new year, partly because I bought Lydia a small cross-stitch project for Christmas to teach her the fine art of counting stitches, and partly because of this picture: It reminded me of the days after my second miscarriage, when I lost faith in the promises I had believed, … More Facebook Stabbing

Anything Can Happen

A couple of nights ago, my middle son came back out after being put to bed. This draws out the deepest rage from the most irrational corner of my any-spare-adult-moment mindset. “What’s the problem, Elvis?” Elvis is our brooder. Like me, it takes him long moments to formulate what it is he desperately needs to say, … More Anything Can Happen

Lake Effect

A poem for the grieving What could be draws near: now here, now whole, now mess, now melt, now gone. Cold wind blows over warmer water, churns up moisture, curls and crops each liquid drop to crystal, ready to fall when cloud scrapes cross some highest hill and spills. Christ spent an evening splitting atoms … More Lake Effect