On the Eve of My Mother’s Surgery

It’s the first day of 2013, and tomorrow my mom will have one of her kidneys removed.  We’ve been waiting for a surgery date for over three weeks and it’s been four weeks since they discovered masses on her kidney, but the reality of the surgery taking place has seemed far away and unreal.  My mom takes vitamins. She exercises. She eats healthy foods. She takes care of herself. She’s fifty.

Plenty of people have lost a kidney and continue to live healthy lives after their recovery, but every time I think about tomorrow a weight settles on my chest that pushes tears up into my eyes.  I am afraid.  I know I shouldn’t be afraid.  

So instead I’m watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, one of our favorite movies, and waiting for I peel the potatoes.  Tula, why you want to leave me????  Boont.  boodt?  Bun-d-t!  Ohhhh!  Is a cake!  There’s a hole in this cake.

Oi.  I love my mom.

4 thoughts on “On the Eve of My Mother’s Surgery

  1. Lots of prayers and good thoughts your way, Sarah!

    Also, I LOVE My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I am Greek, and when I saw this movie years ago I laughed and cried with relief knowing another family is JUST LIKE my own. I think I better get it out tonight.


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