Advent Day Seven: Watch Polar Express

This evening’s event was perfect for the kind of day we had.  Lydia and Elvis both stayed home from school, and Lydia tested positive for strep, so it was an ideal evening to watch one of our favorite Christmas movies.  We drove up to my mom- and dad-in-law’s house this evening for the weekend.  Henry cried the entire four-hour one-hour car ride.  But we made it, and upon arriving Hank acted as if he had just spent an hour sitting quietly in the car, not screaming.  I have no idea what got into him, but it left me on edge most of the night.

I put in some prep work tonight for tomorrow’s activity.  I just realized I left all of my cookie cutters at home.  Boo.  I’m sure Rhonda has some floating around here, though, not to worry.

I’m planning to spend some time with my mom tomorrow evening, decorating her tree and watching a movie or something like that, but I’m afraid I might still be coming down with some cold, or I haven’t effectively warded it off with garlic and honey and it’s just lingering, waiting for my defenses to really drop.  Garlic and honey, don’t fail me now!

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