End of the Residency

Another MFA residency is behind us, another group of students have begun their writing journey at Ashland, and another class has graduated.  What a great two weeks!  Everyone is off to their hometowns, and today, I enjoyed a nap, a movie with my kids, a walk, and grilling some burgers and vegetables.  It was quiet, relaxed, and without agenda.  Ahhhh.  Now, the husband and I are in our respective positions – on the couch watching ESPN and behind the computer typing away. I love normalcy.

Tomorrow, we’re celebrating Elvis’s fourth birthday with family.  Four years old already.  Yeesh.  It feels like a lot longer than that since we were in the hospital with him at Children’s.  What a blessing he is – even when he’s whiny and cranky 😉

Henry will be three months already this week, and as anyone who has seen him the last two weeks knows, he just keeps getting chunkier.  He is such a cooperative baby – he cries when he’s hungry, stinky, or tired, and that’s about it.  I can’t imagine how the residency would have gone if he had been a much more difficult baby.  This is the first year that all of the kids and Brandon have stayed in town the full two weeks, which was nice.  I’m glad that we were able to make it work without too many hiccups. 

And as always, the residency was inspiring.  I always leave the two weeks with new ideas and projects in mind.  Now to find the time to explore them.

It’s no alarm clock Sunday tomorrow!  Yay! 

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