On the Eve of Henry’s Birthday

We’re creeping up on the final hours before Baby Henry is born, and we’re all eagerly waiting his safe arrival into the world.  It is hard to remember what it was like to have Lydia just over five years ago now, especially compared to how Elvis came into the world.  I have to admit to being a little anxious about the delivery and post-delivery in light of the trouble Elvis had when he was born, but I also know that worrying over these things is absolutely fruitless.  Plus, God carried us through that storm, and no matter what happens tomorrow and beyond, we can rest in his presence.  Any time those little worries start to creep up, I’ve been praying them straight to God — he can handle them better than I can.

I’m enjoying this last day with the kids and my husband as a family of four – we’ve gone to the playground and had lunch together, and now we’re spending some time outside on the deck at my mom- and dad-in-law’s.  Lydia and Elvis picked a bunch of wildflowers from the woods.  The beauty and detail found in nature is marvelous – I love the variety, subtlety in color and scent, and seemingly effortlessness of growth. And then there are the little hands that are picking these flowers – simple, sweet gestures of love.  And now I am sentimental and mushy. 🙂

Probably the next time I write will be in between diaper changes and feedings 🙂  I can’t wait to share details of our new little one’s life.

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