Key West Bound and Lydia-isms

Happy new year, bloggers! I knew it would be a while before I wrote again, and I don’t even have time to do the Christmas roundup, but I just had to blog about Lydia tonight. I told the kids that I would be going out of town for a week – on my way to Key West for the Key West Literary Seminar – and perhaps that means something to Lydia now. After we prayed and sang before bed, Lydia accused me of forgetting more words to Jingle Bells. I don’t know the third verse, I admit it, but neither does she. I told her I thought there were more words but I didn’t remember them, and she said, “I think God knows the rest of the words!” I said he certainly does, which brought visions of God singing anything — maybe, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night” by Black Eyed Peas, or “I am a man of constant sorrow.” I wonder if more than just choirs of angels sing in heaven – maybe God joins in. Maybe he sings his own praise. Why not? If we get so much joy out of singing, couldn’t God too?

Anyway, the second Lydia-moment that was just awesome: “I love you SO MUCH. I love you even when you spank me.” To which I responded, “I love you SO MUCH too! Even when I have to spank you, I love you.” What a moment. I am very blessed to have such amazing kids. Even when I have to spank them.

I have to get up REALLY early, so it is time to sign off, finish packing, make sure the kids are asleep and then go to sleep myself. 2 a.m. is going to come very quickly.

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