Testimony Sunday

I just came up with this great analogy for those of you who have not given a testimony in front of a church (or perhaps any public speaking occasion). Giving a testimony is kind of like having a child – you make all sorts of preparations and attend classes on breathing techniques, go through extreme pain and anxiety during the laborious process, disregard all of the breathing techniques and wing it, then, once it’s all over, you forget everything you said and did. Like childbirth, you have to forget it or you’ll never try it again. It falls apart if you’ve never been pregnant before.

In spite of not really knowing what I said, it seems to have gone well. Now the Browns game is on, and I’m going to take the kids outside and probably for a walk. But before I go, I GOT A POEM ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION! Really, I did! I am pumped. You are reading the words of an official Published Poet. πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Testimony Sunday

  1. Well, since I’ve never been pregnant, I don’t know EXACTLY what you are talking about … but I understand. And YES! It did go very well – thank you for being transparent, vulnerable, and honest. And congratulations on your published work! That is so exciting! See you tonight at the meeting…


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